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Our small household in Ultimo with Carmen, Conan, Arty & Martin.
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Our small household in Ultimo with Carmen, Conan, Arty & Martin.

Another part of our household in Ultimo, Sydney. To be truthful, this is ugly picture, though the only one I got with Martin & Carmen. Thus from left: Martin, The f** great guitar maniac classical, Conan grinning in the back, Arty in the middle looks a bit strange, ugly myself (I do not care, OK?), Carmen, who was told by a fortuneteller, that she would get married in 2003. So, I will have to get some information on that... Apropos, this picture had been taken in a big hurry, as I was about to leave to my job on Surry Hills (kitchenhand job) & I was already too late. I just put a camera on a sofa & pressed turned timer on.. That is why...

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